Monday, January 26, 2009

sunshine in winter

Even though it is beyond cold and wintery here in Boston and I feel like hibernating, good things are happening!

Today my golden framed brown bear was featured on the front page of etsy!

And...I have officially sold my first item there too! Selling my art work around various places for many years has been fun but there is something about starting out fresh somewhere and introducing new work in a new way that is so completely refreshing. Not to mention selling to a fellow etsy artist makes it a little more heartwarming too! So thank you to Sara at piperandrory. I'm loving her hand-painted wooden bracelets.

It's been dark here for a few hours now, however the sun was out and my cat was in her favorite spot today...

introducing nooschie!


shop update!

Now available in my shop are 6 individual vintage framed original paintings!
What I have up:
-1 forest bear
-1 grey squirrel
-1 barn owl
-1 group of acorns
-1 little deer
-1 forest pinecone

Saturday, January 24, 2009

little things in woods

I'm so happy to show off my new little creations! These little framed paintings contain the sweetest woodland critters and forest findings. When I hung them all up together my heart kind of melted and I almost thought about keeping them to myself. But all of these painted wall hangings will be available individually in my shop this Monday afternoon, January 26th!
The pretty colored ribbon for each piece will be included for hanging and displaying!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

hush hush

Top secret projects are so much fun...

I've been thinking a lot about adding something fun and a little different to my shop.

Moving back to the city in September made me uncover a few things taken from mom's craft room (she seriously has TONS of little crafty things from mostly the 80's just collecting dust). Actually I have taken things here and there over the years but never found the perfect use for some of these little gems. Until now!

Some of my uncoverings:
1) little golden & white bordered frames

2) lots of ribbon

mixed with some of my usual woodsy inspiration:
-one of my favorite thrifted nature books & favorite forest related office decor:

A little preview coming soon!
In spirit of surprises and secrets, this is the song I currently have on repeat:
"hush hush" by michael yonkers band. so good!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gems & jewels

Typically when I find a a necklace or a ring that I'm totally in love with, I wear it over and over throughout at least a year. Last year I found a black medallion necklace with golden trim. Kind of the perfect mix of vintage and modern with a dash of darkness that I like.

The first time I wore that necklace was at my friend Joey's fancy dinner party he hosted at his place last winter. At the dinner party with his cat, Pyewacket:

After the dinner party, Joey borrowed it for a few months and shared its love. In a year's time it was lost and found a few times, traveled to many celebrations, new wave dance nights, parties, and into the hottest of summer days and cold snowy nights. My last love of a necklace is so tarnished and worn in now but I still obsess over it just as much.

This past week I disovered my newest obsession that I feel the need to have. And I knew right away that when Joey saw these little gems, he would need one too.

The amazingness that is unearthen!

Unearthen has an overly dreamy website featuring these amazing necklaces made from crystals placed in an empty bullet casing. The magical properties and features of each crystal is described next to each. I wouldn't know which one to pick, however I'm dreaming of owning any of them...
Other little gems I'm pining over (all on etsy):
1) labradorite ring by rockandgold

2) drusy agate ring by daraettinger

3) silver & gold ring by naventin

Thursday, January 15, 2009

squirrels & rabbits

yay! my illustration, "squirrel out of the woods" print was picked for an etsy treasury!

Available here!

Etsy :: Treasury List

many thank you's to Annette at dragonhouseofyuen for picking this piece to showcase and for helping out a good cause! Be sure to check out the lovely rabbits in her shop!