Thursday, May 14, 2009


Besides daydreaming about a garden/tea party in Paris with the ever so lovely Mathyld, I finally completed and listed the chinchilla painting! And a seriously perfect suggestion for the silvery colored frame. There was a little hesitation at first for the fear of it looking too grey, but now I can't imagine it being any other color. What would I do without these fantastic suggestions?!
All done:
The flowery patterned object in that picture is the most incredible vintage 7" record case that I borrowed from my boyfriend to use for picture taking.

In other news, my sweetest ever mom came up for a visit yesterday and made my day with uplifting chats and homemade date & nut muffins! And today I had one with strawberry jam...nom nom nom!

And of course a little office helper to get me through the day!

I'll have some new prints of the in the desert series along with the chinchilla in the shop soon!

This weekend I'm super excited to check out the SOWA open market for its opening weekend. Since it's running through October I might decide on getting a table this year. yay! I'll try to take pictures of some weekend adventures.


Monday, May 11, 2009

shades of grey

Obsessions of today include shades of black and grey, listening to t-rex (slider album), chinchillas, and iced coffee!
Thank you for all the wonderful desert themed ideas from the last post...a fennec fox is next on my list for that little series. But first I decided to paint my first chinchilla ever . I'll never forget a few years back seeing two little sandy-cream colored babes in the pet store and really, really wanted to take one home. However I was terrified my cat would devour it since she is an ultra hunter afterall.
The chinchilla progress so far:
nooschie vs chinchilla

Next I'll add some final coloring and touches and then try to decide what color the frame/edging should be painted. I'm thinking either antique gold or maybe a bright color?

Other shades of grey:

faux snake skin heels & black & grey tye-dye shirt

my little black & grey tiger

and a little marc bolan for everyone's enjoyment (in shades of grey of course)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

cactus love

I'm finally back from a little blog hiatus!

The weather around here has been rather dreary and humid. Things seemed to shift from Winter to Summer so quickly and has me feeling like I'm living in a desert.

Which brings me to one of my newest obsessions...cacti & succulents! I've always had a little thing for house plants and have thankfully been pretty successful at keeping them alive. Then I decided to expand my collection from a couple of average plants, to a few more exotic-like ones. Currently in our living room sits a little palm tree (one of my dream plants), and a gathering of little cacti & succulents. It might be a strange thing to get excited about but they make me love my place even more.

a new shelf/plant/owl gathering...and the top of the new palm!

All of the plant and cactus love combined with the too hot for Spring weather, had me wanting to do a little series called "in the desert". A little spin-off from my in the forest creations.

Introducing 3 paintings from "in the desert"

All available in my etsy shop !

A cactus, coyote, and jackrabbit.

The jackrabbit is my favorite painting I've done in a while and he will be hard to let go!

I'm thinking about doing a few more for this series and I need some help thinking of some new desert related things that don't involve creepy crawlies!! Ideas anyone?