Thursday, May 14, 2009


Besides daydreaming about a garden/tea party in Paris with the ever so lovely Mathyld, I finally completed and listed the chinchilla painting! And a seriously perfect suggestion for the silvery colored frame. There was a little hesitation at first for the fear of it looking too grey, but now I can't imagine it being any other color. What would I do without these fantastic suggestions?!
All done:
The flowery patterned object in that picture is the most incredible vintage 7" record case that I borrowed from my boyfriend to use for picture taking.

In other news, my sweetest ever mom came up for a visit yesterday and made my day with uplifting chats and homemade date & nut muffins! And today I had one with strawberry jam...nom nom nom!

And of course a little office helper to get me through the day!

I'll have some new prints of the in the desert series along with the chinchilla in the shop soon!

This weekend I'm super excited to check out the SOWA open market for its opening weekend. Since it's running through October I might decide on getting a table this year. yay! I'll try to take pictures of some weekend adventures.



  1. Oh my gawd, Heather !
    It is absolutely gorgeous !!! I love it so much ♥ I knew silver would be the best choice ;)

    Thanks to your comment in my post, I was daydreaming about having a tea party with you, all day today ...

    Also, I see that your mum & you are just like mine & me ! We love to bake together :) So sweeet !

    Lotsa kisses & hugs from Paris,
    x x x

    PS : It's "long comments galore" today !

  2. the chinchilla looks great Heather, and the silver is perfect!

  3. really good. i love it. man, your shop is looking good. I loved your tea party idea too. maybe i will have a virtual one this summer. today im in my garden working to beat the rain. i planted 8 kinds of sunflowers yesterday. im going to check out sowa...dont know what that is. always good to see you over at chickory!

  4. awww, the sweetest chinchilla i have ever seen :)

  5. thank you for the sweet comments everyone! <3