Monday, June 1, 2009

end of spring

The end of Spring involved indoor picnics, a birthday celebration, lots of painting, picture taking, tea drinking, dance nights out, and t.rex listening. Here are a few pictures to end out the season!

-for my boyfriend Dan's birthday celebration, I made cupcakes (that a certain someone really wanted)!

strawberry sun tea is my new addiction

dan and nooschie on his birthday

indoor picnic on Memorial Day consisted of watermelon, grapes, pasta salad, tomato/cheddar/red onion/guacamole toasties, and more strawberry tea.

There are so many more pictures to go through, but for now, it's back to work and looking forward to the summer season!



  1. Haha! Looks like the kitty's got his eye on the cupcake! The strawberry tea look delish. Looks like a yummy celebration!

  2. she definitely had her eyes on the prize! my cat is spoiled and loves everything...cheese, yogurt, olives, rice, and even cupcakes!

  3. Nom'nom' ! Thank you for sharing these adorable piccies !
    Your cat & boy are cute ;) and these cupcakes look yummy !

    I started your little package a while ago but then I stopped (too much work. But also too much pressure : I'm never sure what to put in ...) I'll get back to it this week !

    Oh and I also tagged you ! The details are on my blog :)

    Kiss Kiss !
    x x x

  4. mmmm...strawberry sun tea sounds to be the best!!

  5. mathyld-
    I think this post ended up being a total nom nom post! hehe! And I even had another set of pictures from another food related day but I'll save that for next time ;)
    You are so sweet for making me a little package. One of the ideas I'm working on for you is to get a gathering of leaves/acorns/pinecones, etc from around here because I always think it's neat to see the nature side of a place where someone isn't around. When we exchange it's going to be the best ever!
    ohhh and I saw that little questionaire and can't wait to write one out!

    yes! I highly recommended strawberry sun tea. It gets me in the mood for summer and also steers me away from drinking all those mocha lattes I shouldn't be having!

  6. awww look at him staring! OMG strawberry sun tea sounds divine!

  7. Those cupcakes look very tasty, I am craving some right now, like usual. Strawberry Sun Tea? Sounds good. I'll try some. Is that pasta salad that I see? I REALLY like pasta salad! :)

  8. bang a gong looks like a good time. lovin the rabbits at your shop. too cute and way too charming. yay!

  9. Strawberry sun tea and sprinkles! Supreme tasty girliness!

  10. AGH!!! Did you make those plates???
    The weirdest thing is I have that pattern on fabric and just made a bag with it...
    I like your blog- especially your chinchilla art!

  11. Elise: I know! summer treats are the best! xo

    goldendovedesign: aww thank you...that is my first ever chinchilla painting and it was so much fun to do.
    I wish I had made those plates! I'm very into bold patterns, especially on dishes.
    your blog is also great and I'll be adding it to my list!