Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rainy day love

Two days in a row of thunderstorms which I secretly love!
Even though going on outdoor Summer adventures is on the top of my list, here are some indoor things to love on a rainy day...
1. the basil plant that isn't quite ready yet but is starting to resemble real live basil!

2. leftover zing pizza from last night (augustus classicus)...anyone living around the Somerville/Boston area must try this pizza!

3. the back room to our apartment that is finally coming together. It houses mostly Dan's records and music equipment but also includes books and odds and ends left around from the move. here is a glimpse:

4. best of all...nooschie's grump face <3



  1. Oh ! I love this "Trees Art" !
    Is that a painting, a collage ... ? Did you make it ?
    It kind of reminds me of my "Treeptych". Funny :)
    x x x

  2. mathyld!

    that big tree is actually this wall hanging made from a printed fabric on stretcher bars that was a lucky find at a thrift store many years back! I wish I knew who designed the image. It's really big and one of my favorite things ever!
    and whoa it does remind me of your tree!!

  3. I love the way your trees & owl & vase match the pull out drawers on the bottom of the cases. It looks great.

    And wowsers on all of those records! Can I come over for a dance party? :)

  4. thank you! It was a lot of fun pulling it all together (I'll have to show the rest of the room in another post!). And believe it or not, those records which are mostly my boyfriends...are only part of his collection. The rest are sitting in storage for now until we make room for more.
    Yes! dance parties are the best and you are welcome over anytime :)

  5. Yum! I miss basil. And Nooschie! So grumpy/cute!

  6. thanks for your lovely comment about my blog! i work in ikea, i SO recognize that bookcase!

  7. yes! that's definitely the one ;)! they look great but was super pesty to put together. Although I'm really wanting a white one for my studio...
    If I worked at ikea I think I would go crazy wanting everything! Everytime I visit I end up spending way too much.
    So happy to find your blog and thank you for commenting in mine!