Saturday, February 28, 2009

out from hibernation

the last few days have been warm and almost spring-like which is making me the happiest ever!

this painting fits my mood rather well and is currently available in my shop...

"out of hibernation" 6" x 6" on canvas

This Spring I plan on making some new secret things to put in my shop that will involve woodsy related jewelry (which is totally new for me). Updates will come soon!

Besides the warmer weather, today I'm totally thrilled about:

-the new Spring collection from Built by Wendy

and from the fall collection currently on sale!...

- and listening to Adam and the Ants all day


Thursday, February 19, 2009

hedgehogs all around

After a delightful recommendation by Mathyld of encorepetite fame, I am pleased to introduce to you, my newest painting... In the past I have made numerous attempts to illustrate these creatures and I could never get an image I was pleased with. But I really like him! Officially up in my shop. Prints will be up soon as well.
I now have a greater appreciation for those who can create images of hedgehogs, and here are just a few...

1) "my lovely" hedgehog print by MarmeeCraft (her illustrations are incredible!)

2) "little hedgehog goes fishing" print set by one of my favorite artists, Emily Martin of theblackapple 3) "sweet little hedge hog on a log" embroidery by LittleSparrowNest (she has a lovely little shop that everyone should check out)
4) and how could anyone resist these mini hedgehogs by BearlyTimeToScrap

To own a hedgehog would be my dream (besides owning a bunny & what I call a "teddy bear dog" terrier maybe?), but I'm afraid my cat would do something awful to it. sigh...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

prints in february

I've added a few new prints to my shop!
-forest bear-

-forest fox-

The originals will most definitely be for sale as soon as I can find the perfect oval frames for them. I'm thinking a simple black or a fancy antique gold style would be a nice fit. These two paintings feel a little bit like sophisticated portraits even though they still have a cuteness to them and I cannot wait to do some more!
After painting this rabbit... I'm so addicted to anything in ovals or images enclosed in unique shapes and patterns...

like this amazing lion brooch by juliepollen that makes me sigh because I need it!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentine owl & things to adore

what my valentine surprised me with...this fantastic owl necklace that I had my eye on for a little while from ckuhwald who is the illustrator and also created by jewelry maker, birdqueen. They are a talented team and everything from the image, to the antique gold clasp, to the packaging are outstanding. I've been wearing my new owl ever since Saturday!

I have lots and lots of favorite things adding up on etsy (maybe one of my favorite features!), and here are a few necklaces I'm dying over at the moment...

1)silvery antler necklace by trystbykerry she also has a batch of lovely bird lockets that I want badly including this one: 2)wood & silver black leaf necklace by lilarubyking 3)double feather necklace by bbel 4) and one ring that I really realllly want!!! from one of my new favorite sellers, neawear who creates some of the most delicate, unique and interesting jewelry and embroidered work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

love dove fox, your vote, & valentine-esque things!

yay! my little heart-framed fox was chosen as part of an etsy poll called "which lovey dovey item makes you say "Awwww?". You can check out the info here! There are so many really adorable things to look at and choose from and I'm really honored to be a part of it. Anyone who would like to vote for me, please go here! And a million thank you's to those of you who vote for me!

speaking of love-dove type things, valentine's day is almost here and I had to document a few overly pink treats I've been indulging in this week...

pink grapefruit with sugar and a pink frosted donut that my boyfriend brought home for me! I have only one heart shaped vintage frame left and I can't seem to narrow down what animal I want to paint for it. My list includes:
-a hedgehog
-a panda
-a cat
-something else...
Which animal should I choose?

armadillo + other animals that come from london

My weekend was rather low-key (i've got to stop with this hibernating in winter phase!).

And when Sunday came around, I was really happy to see that the very talented Melody from one of the cities I adore the most (London!) had featured my armadillo print in her treasury.

They all look really cute together!

Her blog and her art are also out of this world and here are just a few of my favorites up in her shop... bunnies!


The kitty illustration makes me think of another brilliant artist from London that I'm pretty much obsessed with at the moment...Julia Pott. Seriously amazing! Just look!...

found from her blog

and from her etsy shop


Saturday, February 7, 2009

curious rabbit, skunk, and a golden bird

a little preview of what will be listed in my shop soon...

-a blue bird seated in the center of a warm golden toned background and placed in a vintage gold frame. he looks rather plump and really makes me think of those adorable sparrows & chickadees when they appear all puffed up and feathery.

-one curious grey rabbit with a deep red background and placed in a vintage white frame (and don't forget the white with pink polka-dotted ribbon which will also be included!)

-and my new favorite painting...a skunk! He is placed in the middle of a turquoise colored background and put in a vintage green frame. After reading Meredith's blog post on common pest's throughout the world, it made me think of the pesty but cute animals I've seen around. So here is a skunk! The furry feet are really my favorite part...

While working on the skunk, it also made me think of this gem from one top-notch artist at berkleyillustration that I've been admiring over at etsy for quite a while...

All of the illustrations are amazingly good and getting a print or two for my new place just needs to happen!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

feathers and friends

this bear...

is now up in the etsy gift guides "woodland and feathers" section!

Totally thrilled to be up there with so many other talented artists! Including the very sweet Lee, who makes the most wonderful badges anyone could ever want...
Another darling, Meredith from Green Eden Vintage featured my forest raccoon on her blog! Her beautiful photographs and vintage clothing are definitely worth checking out!!

Today I've been busy in my studio working on some new paintings that will be up in my shop soon! New things may involve a curious grey rabbit and a skunk!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

to be in love with on a wednesday...

I really can't stop finding things that I love, and here are just a few of them...

1) scarf bunnies gocco print by argylewhale. (and you must check out her seriously cute & inspiring blog.)

2) grizzly bear silhouette cushion by encorepetite. (and her charming & lovely blog. )3) animal embroidery that I discovered at astulabee blog. the images are so intricate and creative that I instantly fell in love. and she also has an etsy shop! 4) colorful ink blot images from kaitlynsullivan (who also has a very colorful and sweet blog as well.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

something in the forest

Just listed in my shop...

one fox in a special vintage heart-shaped frame, one brown bear with a sad little face (his face was accidentally painted looking glum, but somehow I really love it!), and one special raccoon with a face that I swear looks like:
Sir Didymus from one of my most favorite movies of all time...The Labyrinth!! There is something about him riding the real life dog in the movie that really kills me. <3Does anyone else see the resemblance maybe?

I think tonight I must watch the movie after making a fantastic wintery soup!