Thursday, February 19, 2009

hedgehogs all around

After a delightful recommendation by Mathyld of encorepetite fame, I am pleased to introduce to you, my newest painting... In the past I have made numerous attempts to illustrate these creatures and I could never get an image I was pleased with. But I really like him! Officially up in my shop. Prints will be up soon as well.
I now have a greater appreciation for those who can create images of hedgehogs, and here are just a few...

1) "my lovely" hedgehog print by MarmeeCraft (her illustrations are incredible!)

2) "little hedgehog goes fishing" print set by one of my favorite artists, Emily Martin of theblackapple 3) "sweet little hedge hog on a log" embroidery by LittleSparrowNest (she has a lovely little shop that everyone should check out)
4) and how could anyone resist these mini hedgehogs by BearlyTimeToScrap

To own a hedgehog would be my dream (besides owning a bunny & what I call a "teddy bear dog" terrier maybe?), but I'm afraid my cat would do something awful to it. sigh...



  1. Eeek ! Cute !
    I had several attempts to adorn one of my silhouette cushions with a hedgie ... But always failed.

    Your picks are favourite of mines, too !
    Here's an other favourite :
    Beatrix Potter's Mrs Tiggy Winkle !!!

    Your being really productive, that's great :)
    x x x

  2. that hedgehog- love! you paint so beutifly!