Tuesday, February 10, 2009

love dove fox, your vote, & valentine-esque things!

yay! my little heart-framed fox was chosen as part of an etsy poll called "which lovey dovey item makes you say "Awwww?". You can check out the info here! There are so many really adorable things to look at and choose from and I'm really honored to be a part of it. Anyone who would like to vote for me, please go here! And a million thank you's to those of you who vote for me!

speaking of love-dove type things, valentine's day is almost here and I had to document a few overly pink treats I've been indulging in this week...

pink grapefruit with sugar and a pink frosted donut that my boyfriend brought home for me! I have only one heart shaped vintage frame left and I can't seem to narrow down what animal I want to paint for it. My list includes:
-a hedgehog
-a panda
-a cat
-something else...
Which animal should I choose?


  1. I vote for the Hedgehog !!! ♥

    But I didn't find your fox when I clicked the link ...

    x x x

  2. Pfff ... I found it ;)
    I voted, and I voted for your fox !
    x x x

  3. you are so sweet! a million xoxoxo's to you!

    ps. the hedgehog is my top choice! I think I'll have to do some sketches tonight!