Saturday, February 7, 2009

curious rabbit, skunk, and a golden bird

a little preview of what will be listed in my shop soon...

-a blue bird seated in the center of a warm golden toned background and placed in a vintage gold frame. he looks rather plump and really makes me think of those adorable sparrows & chickadees when they appear all puffed up and feathery.

-one curious grey rabbit with a deep red background and placed in a vintage white frame (and don't forget the white with pink polka-dotted ribbon which will also be included!)

-and my new favorite painting...a skunk! He is placed in the middle of a turquoise colored background and put in a vintage green frame. After reading Meredith's blog post on common pest's throughout the world, it made me think of the pesty but cute animals I've seen around. So here is a skunk! The furry feet are really my favorite part...

While working on the skunk, it also made me think of this gem from one top-notch artist at berkleyillustration that I've been admiring over at etsy for quite a while...

All of the illustrations are amazingly good and getting a print or two for my new place just needs to happen!


  1. Cute bird! If you are still feeling the pest theme, you should try a stout little hedgehog next. :)

  2. aww thank you! I really loved your topic about pests! a hedgehog will most certainly be on my to- paint list!