Wednesday, February 4, 2009

to be in love with on a wednesday...

I really can't stop finding things that I love, and here are just a few of them...

1) scarf bunnies gocco print by argylewhale. (and you must check out her seriously cute & inspiring blog.)

2) grizzly bear silhouette cushion by encorepetite. (and her charming & lovely blog. )3) animal embroidery that I discovered at astulabee blog. the images are so intricate and creative that I instantly fell in love. and she also has an etsy shop! 4) colorful ink blot images from kaitlynsullivan (who also has a very colorful and sweet blog as well.)


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  2. Yay, Thanks for blogging my Grizzly in your sweet bloggie !
    And here I am in such brilliant company :)

    x x x

  3. thanks for featuring my work heather! you are a sweet local lady! xo

  4. Neat picks! Thanks for the nice message, and for checking out my shop. :)

    And oh my goodness, I just found the guinea pig pile print at argylewhale's shop... !

  5. I had the same reaction to the pile of guinea pigs when I saw them! so cute!

  6. amazing work! i'd like to see more. where?
    doug kolk