Monday, May 11, 2009

shades of grey

Obsessions of today include shades of black and grey, listening to t-rex (slider album), chinchillas, and iced coffee!
Thank you for all the wonderful desert themed ideas from the last post...a fennec fox is next on my list for that little series. But first I decided to paint my first chinchilla ever . I'll never forget a few years back seeing two little sandy-cream colored babes in the pet store and really, really wanted to take one home. However I was terrified my cat would devour it since she is an ultra hunter afterall.
The chinchilla progress so far:
nooschie vs chinchilla

Next I'll add some final coloring and touches and then try to decide what color the frame/edging should be painted. I'm thinking either antique gold or maybe a bright color?

Other shades of grey:

faux snake skin heels & black & grey tye-dye shirt

my little black & grey tiger

and a little marc bolan for everyone's enjoyment (in shades of grey of course)


  1. Oh my gawd !!! Your chinchilla rocks ! You perfectly captured the "fluffiness" of the fur !!!

    I quite love the frame / edge as it is. But maybe silver would be nice ... ?
    Eeep !

    And your cat is gorgeous ! We used to have one that was all grey, but stripes of different shades of grey ... So pretty ... I miss her.

    I owe you a little care-package as well ! Yhings have been nuts here, too !
    *hugs* for now :)
    x x x

  2. Mathlyd your messages are the sweetest and seriously make my day! eee!

    You are a lucky girl to have a pet chinchilla and I will be forever jealous ;)

    I'm having the hardest time deciding on the edging color...but silver is a good idea! Hopefully I have a silvery color around somewhere.

    My cat is so cute but extremely bold at the same time. She has a tendency to bite but it's hard to get mad at that face. haha!

    No worries on sending mail...we'll make it happen one of these days!

  3. It's looking great Heather!
    maybe silver and gold for the edging? I like the chinchilla too, as is, maybe gold aswell??

    and I think that Nooschie is looking similar to the chinchilla in the pic!
    - what a beautiful cat she is, with an amazing colour of green eyes!

  4. Thank you Annette! I'm thinking of going with a gold or silver for the edging...I just love vintage looking borders and frames.

    Whenever anyone meets Nooschie, those big green eyes usually wins them over instantly! I'm saving my story of how we got her for your interview!

    ps. I'm so happy your rabbit made it to the top of the voting list!