Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gems & jewels

Typically when I find a a necklace or a ring that I'm totally in love with, I wear it over and over throughout at least a year. Last year I found a black medallion necklace with golden trim. Kind of the perfect mix of vintage and modern with a dash of darkness that I like.

The first time I wore that necklace was at my friend Joey's fancy dinner party he hosted at his place last winter. At the dinner party with his cat, Pyewacket:

After the dinner party, Joey borrowed it for a few months and shared its love. In a year's time it was lost and found a few times, traveled to many celebrations, new wave dance nights, parties, and into the hottest of summer days and cold snowy nights. My last love of a necklace is so tarnished and worn in now but I still obsess over it just as much.

This past week I disovered my newest obsession that I feel the need to have. And I knew right away that when Joey saw these little gems, he would need one too.

The amazingness that is unearthen!

Unearthen has an overly dreamy website featuring these amazing necklaces made from crystals placed in an empty bullet casing. The magical properties and features of each crystal is described next to each. I wouldn't know which one to pick, however I'm dreaming of owning any of them...
Other little gems I'm pining over (all on etsy):
1) labradorite ring by rockandgold

2) drusy agate ring by daraettinger

3) silver & gold ring by naventin

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