Thursday, January 22, 2009

hush hush

Top secret projects are so much fun...

I've been thinking a lot about adding something fun and a little different to my shop.

Moving back to the city in September made me uncover a few things taken from mom's craft room (she seriously has TONS of little crafty things from mostly the 80's just collecting dust). Actually I have taken things here and there over the years but never found the perfect use for some of these little gems. Until now!

Some of my uncoverings:
1) little golden & white bordered frames

2) lots of ribbon

mixed with some of my usual woodsy inspiration:
-one of my favorite thrifted nature books & favorite forest related office decor:

A little preview coming soon!
In spirit of surprises and secrets, this is the song I currently have on repeat:
"hush hush" by michael yonkers band. so good!

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